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Wiping Off Dust While Spring Cleaning
03 December 2014
Wiping Off Dust While Spring CleaningWiping off dust is as important as cleaning the entire house, although it`s just the last final touch to the cleaning itself. Every room has its particular objects and items, which collect dust throughout the time in a unique way. The furniture with leather upholstery usually see an everyday wear and so they are not so dusty than the wooden shelves, for example. On the other hand, wooden objects like wardrobes, bookshelves, desks and chairs are the objects that need а lot of cares when wiping off dust. These are objects, which aren`t used with the time and according to the air currents in the home - the dusty areas can hide truly everywhere, even under the bed or the sofas. Imagine all the different types of objects and furnishings in a house, and you can get a better imaginary idea of what`s to come.Begin with a house cleaning schedule, which includes the big seasonal cleaning moments and the everyday or casual clean moments. Wiping off dust is one of the less-overwhelming steps in this schedule, yet it`s one of the most important ones. It can be done on a daily or weekly basis depending of the collection of dust in your house. The spring cleaning takes place in the first warmer days of the spring, when the air temperature rises and the sunlight beats down the floors throughout most of the day. This can let you to leave the doors open and the windows too, but do it before the big spring cleaning. This will remove the excess of dust, which hides on some particular places like on the top of the wardrobe or under the sofa. The next step is to clean the entire home, every room and every piece of furniture. Wiping off dust is just the final step of the cleaning and before it, make sure to have the right outfit for this yet amusing task.Dust accumulates on a variety of places and each of them requires a special treatment. If you do the clean by yourself and not with the services of a professional cleaning company - make a shopping list with the items and solutions needed, and then go in the local market. The universal solutions can do a great job, especially when applied by the correct tools.A great idea is to include in your shopping list at least two types of cleaning wipes - soft and fine ones, as well as stiff ones. It should be better if they are free of alcohol and volatile chemical compounds that are dangerous for breathing. Another great idea is to have special wipes for TV and PC screens. A damp cloth is the next important item, which can easily fit on a longer stick so to clean the tiny little areas between the walls and the furniture. Or else, the most hidden places can be reached via synthetic duster, which can bend or rotate in each direction, as well as bounded with long elastic fibers that attract dust particles via electrostatic voltage.The big spring cleaning is not limited only to wiping off dust from furniture and electronics, but it should also be the finest and final sanitizing of your home. Because of that, spray a little bit of sanitizer onto the most hidden surfaces of the objects while using clean towels to wipe off the excess. This will reduce bacteria that evoke illness and unhealthy conditions, as well as pollen and allergens caused by the accumulated dust.

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