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Will My Deposit Be Affected By Cleaning
03 April 2014
Will My Deposit Be Affected By CleaningIf you have been renting a property and are about to leave, then making sure to get your security deposit back could be high on the agenda. Many people consider end of tenancy cleaners to be the best solution to ensuring that you get the maximum amount of return of your money. A landlord is likely to use them to help clean the property anyway, so doing so yourself allows you to cut out the middle man. If you are aiming to get the majority of your deposit back, what steps can you take to ensure that property cleanliness is not an issue? The first step in a situation such as this is to look over the lease which you signed when you first took up residency in the property. This document is likely to contain any information pertaining to the cleanliness standards which are expected of the tenants who live in the property. Careful consideration of this agreement will be able to inform you whether there are any pressing concerns, such as clean windows or ovens. This also gives you time in which to resolve the issue before you leave.If there are any points which are unclear or any points which you believe might not be dependent on you, then it is important to raise these issues with your landlords as soon as possible. Hopefully, you will have kept in constant dialogue with the landlord throughout your stay and will have been able to inform him of issues such as mould or damp. Cleaning these things yourself could be detrimental and are issues which the owner should be aware off. Making sure to highlight this early can ensure that you are not left floundering after moving out. A week before you leave the property, it might be advisable to invite the landlord around to the property in order to walk them through and point out any ongoing issues. Likewise, the landlord will themselves be able to point out any issues which might need to be dealt with. As well as this, you can ask them for any advice on hiring the right end of lease cleaners, as they might have more experience in this area than you. If there are any issues which arise when either you or a designated cleaner are carrying out the cleaning duties, then it is important to get in touch with the landlord as soon as possible. As the day in which you move out creeps ever closer, finding the right solutions to your cleaning problems can become increasingly difficult. As such, informing the landlord of issues early on allows you and them to prepare better. If you are finding that the cleaning process if becoming overwhelming and difficult, then it might be the right time to hire professional help. An expert end of tenancy cleaner will likely know exactly what it takes in order to make sure that the property is fully fit and ready for new tenants. By hiring them yourself, you can ensure that the full security deposit is returned, and can make sure that you get the best deal when it comes to your end of lease cleaners. After the cleaning has been finished, talk to the landlord a final time. This is the point at which any final issues can be addressed, but hopefully everything is entirely ready for the new occupants. All that remains is for you to move out and to fully enjoy the benefits of getting your full security deposit returned to you.

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