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What To Expect From A Domestic Cleaning Company
23 December 2014
What To Expect From A Domestic Cleaning CompanyA lot of us have never really thought of hiring domestic cleaning services, because we tend to do all our cleaning ourselves however they can come a point where we get tired of doing everything ourselves and think of how to hire a cleaning company to be able to help us when it comes down to all our house cleaning. So what exactly should we expect from these type of cleaning services and how do they help us with our daily day-to-day life? The answer is simple. They free up our time and make our house a prettier place to live in. But what if we have never really hired one and don’t know what standard protocol is? We can have 1001 questions; however this guide aims to clear a lot of them out for you. Here is traditionally what to expect when you look for a cleaning agency to be able to provide you with all your requirements: •    The company will ask you what exactly you want done. It isn’t enough to just say “well, I want my house cleaned”. You will have to be a bit more specific when it comes down to what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for kitchen cleaning, are you looking for bathroom cleaning or are you looking for the standard, mop, sweep and vacuum? Giving these specifics to a company ensures that you can receive the best quote and not just a standard estimate. •    They will ask you when you want it doing. A lot of reputable companies have fast turnaround which means that within 72 hours, or sometimes even in a shorter amount of time, you will be able to secure a cleaner for your place that is able to help you with all your cleaning needs. Once they have established, if you want a weekday or weekend clean, rates may vary and will be applied to it. Ask your cleaning company to include VAT into their quote, as this will make it whole for you and easier to see how much 20% extra you are paying on top. Also ask them how they accept payment, can you leave a deposit to show you are serious about the work or are you wanting to pay all cash in hand on the day? Remember every cleaning company is different and there are always arrangements that can be made. Always remember to ask!•    Ask them how they charge. Is it a flat rate or an hourly rate or do they charge per room? Knowing this about the company will ensure that you have an adequate budget prepared to be able to pay the cleaning company. Some companies will charge you by the hour and some will charge you depending on what you need doing. It is always best to ask to figure out where you stand. •    Inquire that their staff are fully checked, trained and vetted as well as experienced. There is nothing worse than letting amateurs into your house who would end up leaving more of a mess or leave you with things to clean yourself. Any decent company will make sure that they only hire staff that are properly trained and accredited, to safeguard both themselves as the employer and you as the client.

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