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Reducing The Pain Of Oven Cleaning
23 January 2014
Reducing The Pain Of Oven Cleaning

When it comes to domestic cleaning, you will no doubt fear the oven above all else. The fact is, it gets so filthy so easily, that it becomes an almost unmanageable task, and everyone tend to avoid it. This of course means that no one ever finds it easy, as the dirt is allowed to build up so heavily, making the work tough and time consuming. Should you feel like it is time to make a change to this, you are in luck, because there are some easy to follow hints and tips in the forthcoming paragraphs that will ensure that you are able to get the job done simply and easily each time.

For a start, the best way to ensure that the oven cleaning is not a difficult issue, is to be cleaning it more often. You will no doubt find that increasing the regularity with which you clean the oven will reduce the amount of dirt that builds up each time. This essentially means that you will be reducing the time it takes to get rid of the dirt, and therefore the job will be less difficult. So, try to establish a set time to clean the oven, every couple of weeks or so, to ensure that you are not leaving it too long between cleans. If you can make this a regular thing, then you will become used to it as a process, and you will be able to get it done without much hassle whatsoever.

Start by removing all racks and the like from the oven. Place them in a shallow sink of hot water, and spray in a load of oven cleaner, so that they are submerged in the stuff. Leave them like this for a while, as you return to the oven itself. Take a brush or cloth, and wipe away any residue from inside the oven. This may well have dropped off the food that you cook, and been charred in to dust and crumbs, so get rid of all of this before you proceed. Once the interior of the oven is free of mess, spray down the whole of the inside of the oven, including the door, and wipe it in to any corners or areas that are difficult to reach. You need to be sure that every single part of the oven is covered, so that the chemicals in the cleaning product will have a chance to react with them, to break the dirt down and make your cleaning a lot easier.

Close the door to the oven, and leave it there for ten minutes or so, in which time you can turn your attention to the racks in the sink. Some oven cleaning fluids come with plastic bags that will happily sit an oven rack inside, which makes a great environment for the spray to be added, submerging the rack in the fluid that it needs to get rid of the burnt on grease. The hope is that once taken from the fluid, the rack can be rinsed clean, but you may still have little bits of rubbing and scrubbing to do. Use a stiff brush - if you don’t have a washing up brush, use an old nail brush or something like that. The tough bristles will hopefully cut through the dirt and leave you with clean racks. Once you have finished with the racks, you can return to the oven itself, applying the same technique of scrubbing through the dirt and grime. Always wear gloves, as this will ensure that your hands are not hurt by the chemical cleaner.

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