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Reducing The Impact Your Building Work Has On Your Home's Cleanliness
12 June 2014
Reducing The Impact Your Building Work Has On Your Home's CleanlinessYou will find that the process of redeveloping your home will be an exciting time. There is a lot that you can do to ensure that the place is going to look amazing when it is all done, but of course the fact of the matter is that no one ever really thinks about how they are going to clean up afterwards! Most building firms will ensure that the clean up is pretty thorough, but there will often be mess to be sorted by yourself, as you will always find some dust that has settled somewhere that the builders missed when cleaning, or that there is still debris that has filtered out in to another room. Have a look over the following ways that you can reduce the impact that building work has on the cleanliness of your home, so that you clean up at the end will not be too monstrous!For a start, you need to close off the areas that the builders are working in, to ensure that you are not getting dust and dirt wafting through the rest of the house. Talk with the builders about how you can do this, to ensure that you do so in an easy and reliable way. You don’t want to go to all of that trouble simply to find that you end up with a messy place in the long run anyway! Sealing off doors using draft excluders and putting plastic sheeting over openings that would cause through drafts to carry dust around the house will be good ways to reduce the impact that the work has on the area, but your building team may also have a few ideas up their sleeves. Sealing off the gaps in cupboards will be a similarly useful way to prevent the dust getting in to places that you don’t want it to be, and ensuring that the clothes and other things that are inside them are either bagged or removed will also mean that you don’t have to put things through the wash after all of the work is done. You have enough on your hands to prevent worrying about having to do extra laundry!Be sure that the sheets are put down on the floor when painting, as otherwise you will need to get stain removals services in for the carpets, especially if the paint is not water based, like gloss finish paint. You should also be able to get a decent insurance plan in place for the building work that covers the cost of cleaning up, should it be an issue for you.Lay down sheets leading from the area of work, to the outside, so that the work men do not have to remove their shoes, and won’t get mud and dust in the carpets and flooring between the interior and exterior of the house. Do the same when you are moving furniture in and out of the place, as the team will need to have their shoes on to avoid injury, but you need to avoid too much dirt getting trampled through the place! Keep the windows open in the rooms that the dust is the worst, so that there is more escaping throughout the process than if they were closed. However, if the other parts of the house are not sealed off, then this can cause more dust to be pushed through the rest of the building.

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