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Keeping your House Pristine - Do you Need a Cleaner?
23 November 2013
Keeping your House Pristine - Do you Need a Cleaner?

Nowadays for many people a cleaner is a justifiable expense, required in order to maintain a healthy work/social/family balance by ridding them of the cleaning duties in and around the home.

Cleaning is one of those time-consuming chores that just cannot be avoided unless you are happy to live in untidy or unclean environment, which most of us are not prepared to do. Most of us dislike scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming, and even for those that are happy to get it done ourselves it usually proves to be time-consuming and difficult to schedule in amongst the rest of our lives.

If the cleaning duties are starting to feel rushed, or gradually building up to be somewhat overwhelming, then you might be considering hiring a cleaner. We all want to live in a nice clean home, however sometimes our other commitments prevent us from getting it done ourselves to a level we demand. But is having a cleaner right for you? There are a number of factors to consider when first casting your eye over the possibilities.

On the plus side, having a cleaner really will give you more free time to spend as you see fit. Whether it is to be spent with the kids or in the office doing overtime, you have one less thing to worry about, and one less chore to command your attention leaving you free to proceed as you want. On the flip side of this, cleaners do come at a cost and this cost needs to be justifiable in terms of the benefit it brings. While cleaning services are now incredibly affordable they would still be classified as a ‘luxury’ outlay, so you need to be certain that you can not only afford it but also condone it as a good use of your hard-earned cash.

The main issue most people have when it comes to hiring a cleaner is that the thought of having a stranger in their home to run a duster over their personal items is an uncomfortable one. Obviously we are all different and it will be more of a problem to some than others, but there are ways to live with it and actually enjoy it. Firstly, always hire a reputable individual or company, so you know the person entering your home is trustworthy and a dedicated professional. Some cleaning companies will be happy to take a key to your house or apartment to clean while you are at work, so if this is a more preferable option then you need to be sure you can have faith in the person holding a key to your home. Secondly, if you would prefer to be present when your cleaner is going about their work try to agree on a time slot at the same time each week. This will go a long way to ensuring that you get the same person each time, allowing you to build up a rapport and get to know them, meaning things become more comfortable over time.

Building this rapport also allows you to stay in good dialogue with your cleaner. While we have already discussed the issue of welcoming a stranger into your home, there is also the issue of getting the cleaning done as you want it done. Cleaning can be quite a personal affair, we each have our ways and particulars in terms of how things get done. You cleaner will usually be only too happy to respond to these requests, but the requests need to be made in the first place.
Having a cleaner for many in the modern world is an essential lifestyle choice. Like everything though, it needs to be the right decision for you.

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