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How To Leave Your House At The End Of Tenancy
12 November 2014
How To Leave Your House At The End Of TenancyIf you are moving houses or have reached the end of tenancy, you might want to give your house a thorough clean and leave it in a state that ensures that you get your deposit back from the landlord. End of tenancy cleaning is usually very intensive and if you are not sure you could do it yourself, it is best if you hire a professional cleaning agency to do the job for you. Companies offering this kind of cleaning service have a lot of experience in executing this kind of a task and generally use good quality house cleaning techniques and supplies. However, if you are tight on budget and cannot afford a cleaning company, you can divide the work between days and cover it all yourself. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring cleaners to do it, here is a list of everything that you must keep in mind when doing a move-out cleaning.General Area•    Clean and polish the floor using the right kind of cleaning materials.•    Dust furniture and other fittings such as lights, shades, switches, skirtings, banisters, curtain rails, radiators etc.•    Clean the mirrors, windows and any other glass surfaces in the house.•    Vacuum the house thoroughly. Remove furniture and vacuum between the boards and in nooks and behind objects where dust is likely to gather. Make sure to clean away any cobwebs at the same time.•    Wipe down doors, even on top of them, and polish the handles.•    Clear the drawers and shelves of any rubbish. •    Vacuum the upholstery, clean cushions and crevices on the upholstered furniture thoroughly. •    Try your best to remove as many stains around the house as you can.•    Wash and iron curtains before putting them up again, or leave them in the storage cupboard.•    Deep clean carpets and rugs in the house. Bedroom•    Make sure the carpet is clean, stain-free and fluffed.•    Clear out all the wardrobe, shelves and drawers.•    Clean the mattress and fluff it out in the sun.Bathroom•    Descale, clean and polish the shower and tub.•    Remove any mold growing on the walls, tub or in the tile grout.•    Make the walls grease and spot-free.•    Deep clean the toilet, wipe down the seat, the tank and the sides. •    Remove the spots and water streaks from the mirrors.•    Remove all used toiletries; put away toilet paper or other supplies inside the storage cupboard.•    Clean, descale, dry and polish the bath, basin, taps and other fittings.•    Vacuum the floor and sanitize it. •    Leave a fragrance plug behind to remove any unpleasant odour.Kitchen•    Clean inside the cupboards and drawers. Dispose of any expired food items or broken appliances.•    Wash and polish all work surfaces. Make sure to especially remove grease and oil from the cooking area.•    Clean out the chimney or call in a professional who can.•    Wipe down the walls and remove any mold growing on it.•    Give the interior and exterior of the oven a thorough clean.•    Defrost the refrigerator, empty out all the food item and clean any mildew. Place a few pieces of charcoal or cups of baking soda inside it before switching it on. Leave it on.•    Clean the inside of the washing machine and the soap drawers and filters. Remove any mildew from the rubber on the door.•    Clean dishwasher and dry the interior before shutting the door.•    If you are leaving behind appliances, clean out food crumbs and deodorize.•    Take out the trash and hose down the bins thoroughly to remove any bad smell.•    Clean the floor, sink and taps before finishing.Follow these cleaning routines and you will leave behind a clean and nice-smelling house for the next tenant to move in.

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