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Eco-friendly Cleaning is as Easy as Looking in your Pantry!
14 October 2013
Eco-friendly Cleaning is as Easy as Looking in your Pantry!

You may be shocked to discover that there are things in your cupboard at home that could be used to clean the whole house in just as effective a way as the chemical based cleaners that you have been using the whole time. Items like lemon, vinegar and baking soda are used throughout the world as alternative methods of cleaning the home, due to their high acidity and natural anti-bacterial powers. You may wonder what it is in the normal household cleaners that are available that kills the bacteria that can be found in your home, and most of the time, the answer is toxic chemicals. Words that can be found on the back of the bottles of these products often warn that the contents are dangerous or ‘harmful’. This is warning enough that you may not want to be spreading such things all over your house, as in many cases, the dirt that you get rid of is less dangerous than the chemicals you use in order to do so! Have a look through the ways in which you can reduce your usage of these dangerous chemicals, and how the simple foodstuffs can transform your cleaning habits.

First off, lemon tends to be used as a smell throughout the cleaning industry. It has a fresh clean smell, that is pumped into various cleaners in order to make them smell a little less dangerous. The reality is that lemon is a great natural cleaner on its own, and with its high acidity level, will kill bacteria on contact. The shape of a lemon means that it is useful for cleaning flat surfaces when cut in half, and will leave a great smell wherever it is rubbed. This fruit does not need to be rinsed off after use, so you save water as well!  Add a little bicarb and some rock salt to a halved lemon and use it as a sponge on plates when washing up, or surfaces when cleaning down, and you will find it works just as well as any other cleaner. Putting lemon and olive oil together makes a great wood polish, that will smell (and probably taste) great!

Vinegar is another high acidity anti-bacterial cleaner that can be used neat as a sort of bleach in the toilet, or halved with water to give a gentler cleaning solution. The reality of the situation is, that when you combine vinegar with agents like lemon and baking soda, you have a combo that can get through anything. Try vinegar and lemon on the taps to get rid of limescale, and even in the bath with some baking soda for a great cream style cleaner! Wiping surfaces down with vinegar solution works just like a normal household disinfectant spray, it’s well worth a try!

Baking soda is different in that its main power comes form its carbonated nature. This means that it fizzes up when it is mixed with liquid, and that speeds up the reactions used in the cleaning process. You only have to put a half tablespoon in a blocked drain with some vinegar and boiling water to see the results! The frothing will continue for a little while as it works on the blockage, but when it is finished, you will likely find that the blockage has gone. if not, just repeat the process, and allow it to stand for a little longer!