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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home
12 March 2014
Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

You don’t necessarily need to be waiting for spring for you to get started on your spring clean! Every house should have a thorough de-clutter and clean on a regular basis, and if you’re thinking about spring cleaning your home then why not have a look at this guide? Here are some excellent and handy tips for you to get the cleanest home on your street without you having to panic or worry!

1)    Using the right products.

You probably have a whole stash of cleaning products in your home, but are you using the right products for your needs? Have a sort through your cleaning cupboard to see what you have and make sure you’re clued up about their instructions too! Why not do a bit of research to ensure that the clothes, sponges and scrubbers are the best ones possible for the job? This is a brilliant way to start off your spring clean!

2)    Make sure you use your cleaning products correctly!

You’d be surprised at how many people incorrectly use their cleaning products! Don’t just read the label, have a look online to find out about cleaning tips, and to see if there are any other uses for your products. You can make the most out of your cleaning cupboard this way, and you might find that with multipurpose products you don’t need to purchase anything new for your spring clean!

3)    Make a list.

Before you get cleaning make a list of every room in your home and exactly what it is you want to do in there. Dusting, bleaching, polishing, vacuuming...there are lots of jobs that need doing, so whether you’re beating your rug or if you’re soaking mould off of your shower curtain, a list will help you make sure you don’t forget those important jobs!

4)    Clean in those places you’d normally ignore.

A spring clean is supposed to be a thorough and intense cleaning process that leaves everything sparklingly clean and sanitary. This means that you need to make sure that you get into all those places that you wouldn’t usually pay any attention to. Have a wander around your home and think about cleaning items such as your curtains or mattress, or sanitising your surfaces, sides and radiators. There are lots of places where dirt and grime can gather that you probably don’t even think about, so be strict when you’re considering just what it is you want and need to clean this time around!

5)    Hiring help.

Although hiring a cleaner might be a little bit out of your budget or your comfort zone, if you don’t own a steam cleaner then you should definitely consider renting one, or even borrowing one from a friend for your spring clean! Steam cleaners are amazingly fast and efficient ways for you to kill bacteria and germs in soft furnishings, such as your mattress, carpets and curtains. There are very few ways to clean things as effectively as you can with a steam cleaner, and many cleaning companies will rent them for affordable prices! Have a look around and see if you can find a great deal, but be wary of unprofessional companies, as they might cut corner when it comes to cleaning their hireable equipment – you definitely don’t want to be getting someone else’s dirt in your home!

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